The Green Rabbit

it's your ultimate escape into that day dream that keeps blurring your computer screen, it's the feeling of daring to escape - facing the fear and embracing the freedom, it's following Alice down the rabbit hole into wonderland and understanding "why is the raven like a writing desk?"

welcome to your day dream, your inspiration pad, your nurturing retreat, your place to take a breath.  Staring out of that window to 50 shades of green and at night, a sky filled with a million stars, watch the hawks hunt while nature slows down your pulse....this is your happy place, your tranquil oasis, your pancakes and maple syrup....your wake up call....

" there anything better than the anticipation of just waiting..."

...for the kettle to boil, for the record to start, for the river mist to dissipate, for the fire to warm, for the pancakes to brown, for the bath to fill, for the stars to appear...

...for your journey to The Green Rabbit to begin...

Go on - we dare you

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Get Away. Recharge. Reconnect